Poseyville Town Park


The Parks Department was awarded a grant for $6,000.00 from the Posey County Community Foundation Community Grants Program in October of 2020. This grant will be used to construct an open-air shelter at the Town Park. Upon receipt of the grant, the old shelter was torn down, but the concrete pad was left in place for re-use for the new shelter. Upon inspection it was determined that the old pad was too cracked and needed to be removed.

Three bids were received for the construction of the new shelter. James Reynolds was awarded the contract as he came in with the lowest bid.

Construction of the new shelter and pad have been delayed due to wild fires causing the cost of wood to drastically increase as well as delays due to COVID-10. causing project to hold until prices hopefully return to a reasonable price. As well as Covid-19 causing construction delays.

The project is currently still on hold. We are hopeful construction will begin soon as the weather improves and the lumber prices come back to normal.