Poseyville Police Department


Charles Carter, Town Marshal

91 E. Cynthiana Road
PO Box 194
Poseyville, IN  47633

Anonymous Tip Line

Administrative Office Phone: (812) 874-3518
Fax: (812) 874-3519


Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of The Poseyville Police Department to preserve peace by providing security and protection to the citizens and property of the Town of Poseyville, in a manner deserving of the communities’ pride and respect. We will achieve this by providing the community with well-trained dedicated officers that embody the values of courage, commitment to service, honor and compassion. We will strive every day to preserve and help cultivate a town where our people feel safe to live and raise their families. With pride, we stand prepared and committed to the people of Poseyville.


ORDINANCE – Abandoned Vehicle
ORDINANCE – Chicken Control
ORDINANCE – Confinement and Control of Animals
ORDINANCE – Garbage and Trash Control
ORDINANCE – Operation of Golf Carts on Town Streets
ORDINANCE – Operation of Off-Road Vehicles on Town Streets
ORDINANCE – Ordinance to License Door-to-Door Solicitors
ORDINANCE – Unsafe Buildings
ORDINANCE – Weed Control